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RSS - Rotary Steerable System
- a smart downhole tool -

Electronics Engineering

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The experience of Technetea in real time instrumentation in particular in the sector of oil industry, naturally leads to developments for very specific equipments requiring the mastery of high-temperature electronics able to withstand heavy vibrations and shocks.

For instance within the scope of an application as a Rotary Steerable System (RSS), Technetea is able to carry out the development of all the electronic parts and the embedded software to assure the power supply, the instrumentation, the control and the communication of the equipment, and also the informatics for the operating work and the transitional tests.

The material is developed in appliance with the ATEX standards (Potentially explosive atmospheres) IEC 60079-xx for a sure manipulation when operating at the rig floor.

Below, the setup of a computer simulation to study the behaviour of the RSS when crossing geological layers with different hardnesses.

RSS drilling RSS zoom

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