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The design of data acquisition systems and instrumented equipments

In a general way, this field of activity includes any systems intended to convert electrical signals resulting from physical measurements into usable data. This consists of equipments and electronic subsets connected to sensors :

- Full standalone equipments, or else connected to transmit digital data to a computer system

- Intrumentation networks for data monitoring

- Real-time equipments, or else with storage for postponed processing with data delivery by memory sticks or delayed transmissions

- Full standalone instrumented systems, or else controled by a computer

TECHNETEA especially worked on the development (hardware & software) of electronic equipments for industries of the oil sector, designing innovative solutions in particular in ATEX for the mud logging (mudlogging) and the monitoring of physical parameters.

The competences are based on more than 20 years of experience with oilfield services, and are at the root of : electronic developments for working sites and laboratories, instrumentation of geological and physicochemical analysis systems (PVT, calcimetry, gas chromatography), sensor fields data monitoring.

Acquisition system (Mudlogging)

The development of tools and equipments, for R&D Offices and Research Laboratories

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Ethernet interface with graphic LCD USB interface Colorimetry

The design of electronic equipments intended to be used in potentially EXplosive ATmospheres - ATEX

Related to oil, gas, mines or chemical industries, this type of equipments requires a particular approach from the very beginning of the design about the choices of the electronic structures and the mechanical protections, then also during the CAD of the printed circuit boards.

The ATEX approach can completely modify the preliminary definition of a project ; consequently it is strongly recommended to integrate all the ATEX aspects as soon as the definition stage of the equipment (or system) is initiated.

As a design office, TECHNETEA can ensure the complete design of an equipment, or only works on the ATEX aspects of the project as a consultant. Electronics being the main skill of TECHNETEA, the type of protection by intrinsic safety is preferentially used, but the other types of protection defined by the ATEX standards are sometimes also used in combination.

Because being in contact with a certifying labratory is something essential during the design stage, TECHNETEA usually works with INERIS, which is one of the two notified laboratories in France.

An equipment which is not designed from the beginning for a use in potentially explosive atmospheres,
has thereafter very little chance to be able to be adapted for a use in this context.

ATEX thermal study
ATEX thermal study

Development of test equipments and test benches

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