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An electronics engineering company

Design of specific materials  &  ATEX
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To listen, to understand and to propose the most suitable solution to the project,
to the specificities of the client and its working environment

Rotary Steerable System

Relying on the experience gained in electronics in various industrial sectors as oil industry, gaseous potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), avionics and even space environment, Technetea is an electronics engineering company founded in 2001 which aims to make specific instrumentation available to its clients such as field equipments, instrumentation for scientific experiments and facilities, industrial test benches for control or evaluation, and to provide technical assistance in relation with its area of expertise to R&D departments of industrial companies.

Technetea carries out development projects involving Hardware, Firmware, Informatics, and can also rely on a set of pre-developed technical building blocks to be able to provide within short lead times, custom-made equipments fully optimized to the methods, the activity range and the working environment of the user.

Our core business is instrumentation, that is using electronics to extract and provide information to the user. At Technetea, we consider that the instrumentation chain forms a whole, and that providing quality information also consists in presenting the data in the best suitable form via the software application. This is the reason why we can also propose complete solutions combining electronics and informatics ready for use.

Due to its infinite possibilities, electronics is the tool that ideally enables the creation of an interface between the material world and the human mind. By transforming detectable signals into information, electronics gives the opportunity to quantify and to bring new elements, to analyse and to better understand our environment, and consequently gives the possibility to better interact with it.

Technetea is an engineering office closely attached to innovation, and to the creation of new equipments to make the analytic approach evolve whatever the field of application. Contacting us, perhaps it is starting to open up to new horizons ...

Humidity sensor Numeric sensor USB interface - Temperatures USB interface - Pressures Test bench
Digital humidity sensor
under development
Multi-sensors front-end processing
(Example with a gaz sensor)
Specific acquisition modules under development (short lead time)
eg : USB 8xPt1000 (2 wires)                 eg : USB Pressures + Pt100
A small test bench
(during the development phase)